PLC and Patrol Coaches

The PLC is a group of girls who are leading the troop. PLC stands for Patrol Leaders Council.

Your PLC

SPL-Mia Katz

Responsible for The Troop's Overall Operation.

ASPL-Dean Brennan

2nd Highest Rank

Patrol Leaders-

Otters-Josie Watt

Squirrels-Rylen Williams

Hedgehogs-Cara Tenhundfeld

Leads the Patrol

Quartermaster-Lauren Thomas

-Keeps Track of Troop Equipment and Ensures it is in Working Order

Scribe- Joy Jordan

Keeps Troops Records

Chaplin's Aide- Mary Alice Hellrung

Works to Meet the Troops Religious Needs

Historian-Katie Watt

Keeps a Historical Record of Troop Activities

Den Chief-Evin Anderson

Works with The Cub Scouts


Responsible for The Troop Website

Troop Guide-Amelia Franks and Em Clennan

Works with the New Scouts

Librarian-Takes Care of Troop Literature

Bugler-Plays the Bugle at Troop Ceremonies

OA Rep-Tells the Troop about the Upcoming Events

Outdoor Ethics Guide-Helps Reduce the Impacts of Troops Outdoor Activities

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster-Helps the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster as a Youth

Instructor-Teaches Scouting Skills

Knot Instructor-Piper Caldwell 

Teaches Knots and lashings.

Patrol Coaches are ASMs who help and guide specific patrols with advancement.