Joining Troop 432

Schedule a Visit

Please feel free to stop by any time.

Location: RUMC Scout Hut

Time: 7:00-8:30pm

Day: Thursday

What to Consider in a Troop

  • Is the "Scout-Led" philosophy right for your Scout?
  • Is the troop size suitable for your daughter?
  • What is the age range of the scouts?
  • Is the number of leaders appropriate to the number of scouts ?
  • What types of activities does the troop do and how often?
  • What is the level of community involvement?
  • Does the troop offer continued advancement support?
  • Does the troop offer "High Adventure" scouting trips?
  • What are the troop’s resources (meeting facility, camping equipment, trailer)?
  • If you are evaluating multiple troops try this checklist

Why 432 is a GREAT Choice

  • While there are many fantastic Scout Troops in the North Fulton area which could be a great pairing with your Scout, we believe Troop 432 is a special community of families and we would welcome your Scout and your family.
  • We aspire to be a Troop which provides great relationship opportunities among the Scouts, between the Scouts and Leaders, and among the families.
  • We believe in meeting each Scout where they are... supporting their unique goals, personally known and served by his peers, leadership, and the other Troop families.
  • We plan to be an active Troop, with monthly outings spread across a variety of activities and destinations as well as High Adventure trips to Philmont, Seabase, and Northern Tier.
  • Our charter organization has a great history of Scouts staying through their 18th birthday with many advancing to Eagle Scout.
  • We have an amazingly supportive Charter Organization in Roswell United Methodist Church who is fully supportive of the missions of Scouts BSA.
  • We have an active group of alumni and former leaders who continue to give their knowledge, experience, energy and time back into the Troop.